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November 29, 2016, Perennial Perspectives | Value Matters

What you pay determines future returns. Click here and find out why equity investors should tread lightly.

January 15, 2016, Weekly with Andrew McCreath | McCreath One on One with Murray and Jim

BNN Weekly SmallAppearing on BNN, Murray and Jim take part in a One on One session with Andrew McCreath to discuss inflation and interest rates. Watch video.

October 28, 2015, Perennial Perspectives | Beware What Is Lurking

At Perennial we have repositioned our portfolios for this changing world. To find out why, click here and read our latest newsletter.

December 3, 2013, Perennial Perspectives | The Tinderbox of Debt and Deficits

This latest edition of Perennial Perspectives provides an in-depth review of the current debt and deficit situation in Ontario, Japan and the United States – a fundamental economic issue that should not be ignored. Click here to read “The Tinderbox of Debt and Deficits”.

October 29, 2013, BNN's Hedge-Eye View of the Street | BNN Headline Hedge Fund Panel with Murray Belzberg

bnn thumbnail 3 As part of a panel of hedge fund managers, Murray Belzberg explains Perennial’s market view and what we look at when analyzing specific stocks in today’s market. Watch video

July 22, 2013, BNN’s Business Day | BNN Strategy Session with Murray Belzberg

bnnThumbOn BNN’s Business Day, Murray provides BNN with an update on Perennial’s big-picture view. Watch video

May 21, 2013, BNN’s Market Sense | BNN Speaks with Murray Belzberg: Market Impact of Debt and Deleveraging

bnnOn BNN’s Market Sense, Murray explains our tactical style, our long-term view on the effects of deleveraging and central bank policy, and how Perennial is positioned to take advantage of falling markets.

December 2012, Financial Post | Q&A The Macro View.

In a brief Q&A session, Murray sheds some light on Perennial’s approach to macroeconomics and why it’s important.

June 2012, The Globe and Mail | What to buy when nothing looks good.

It’s “a very unusual position,” Mr. Belzberg acknowledges. “It’s a statement of ours that we expect quite a large correction.”

June 2012, Financial Post | Perennial Asset Management sells all its 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds.

“Getting out of 30-year bonds today isn’t because you think you are going to make money. It’s because you are looking to avoid losses,” said Belzberg.


Seeking Alpha | To Help Put Recent Economic And Market Moves In Perspective

Ray Dalio explains how the world works. Read more.

National Bank of Canada | Why heightened trade tensions between China and the United States is the new normal

A good primer of the U.S./China trade dispute. Read more.

Financial Post | The Curse of Stimulus

Global economies have become dependent on government stimulus and Philip Cross addresses the short-term and long-term effects of this support. Read more.

Memo to Oaktree Clients | Economic Reality

As we look for the magic bullet to improve our economic situation, Howard Marks’ common sense reminds us how the economy really operates. Read more.

Scotiabank Global Macro Commentary | Changing Course, Act on the Warnings

Scotiabank – An interesting view of the world we’re in. Read more.

Web Conferences

April 9, 2014 | A Look at Valuations

In Perennial’s fourth webcast, Jim and Murray discuss how we interpret current valuations using a historical perspective. The analysis of valuations augments our decision-making process, and is important to understand the potential risk vs. reward when positioning our portfolios. To request a link to the presentation, please email us at

Oct 9, 2013 | When is Normal, Abnormal?

This latest Perennial webcast, hosted by Murray Belzberg and Jim Ruess and moderated by Bernice Miedzinski, discussed current portfolio positioning, and why we see an opportunity to generate significant returns and also current government action.  To request a copy of the presentation (MP4 format), please email us at:

April 9, 2013 | Risk Pricing

Perennial hosted its second web conference on April 9, 2013. In the half-hour session, Murray and Jim discussed the concept of “risk pricing” – an important element in our investment process. To request a copy of the presentation (MP4 format), please email us at:

October 10, 2012 | Macro economy

Perennial hosted its inaugural web conference on October 10, 2012. We explained our current macro economic view and how our portfolios are positioned to take advantage of it. To request a copy of the presentation (MP4 format), please email us at: