Perennial Asset Management

Our experience has taught us that market sentiment is largely a reactive phenomenon. We much prefer to anticipate what’s coming… and act accordingly.

The Perennial team comprises independent thinkers and thought leaders – we do our own research and analysis, and we take action on our conclusions in our portfolios. We strive to marry our investment experience and expertise with our sound investment judgment. This means we ask ourselves the tough questions each and every day:

  • What forces can affect our portfolio positioning and change our current views?
  • What can we add to our research and analysis to make it even better?
  • What can we learn from history, given a similar economic and/or market environment?

To learn more about our thinking on current or past issues, please see below:


Perennial Perspectives


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Profiting in Flat Markets – August 2008 (.pdf)
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Re-Pricing of Risk – September 2007 (.pdf)
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Energy and Drugs – August 2006 (.pdf)